Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keeping Students Engaged and Excited

     Keeping students excited and engaged in their studies is one of the biggest challenges educators face in our schools today. Every school has some boring classes. Some students in these classes tend to loose focus on their school work because of the boredom in their classes. If students were actually excited about going to class because it was engaging, then grades would increase everywhere. It is not easy at all for a teacher to make a class engaging and exciting while at the same time teaching students everything they need to know. For many years the way of teaching has not changed much at all. There are some schools around the world that have found ways to complete this extremely difficult task of keeping students engaged and excited.
     Keeping your students excited and engaged has many positive benefits. There are ways to
involve and engage students though. As stated in this website, pencil and paper is not fun, it is very boring in fact. Reading from textbooks and taking notes may take up the class period, but most students do not learn the information. Working in groups and discussing with other classmates to find answers to worksheets is much more engaging. Also for example in biology class we made power points about one chapter per group, and I learned much more by doing this opposed to taking notes. Review games are a fun way to make class engaging and exciting. I look forward to these review games because they are fun, but they also teach me a lot of information in the process. There are many other ways to keep students interested in your class, and also depending on what course it is, the ways of keeping students engaged will change. The goal teachers should have should be to make their classes something that students look forward to. Teachers should find a way to integrate games into their teaching, and if they do so they will find the many positive benefits an interesting class has.
     The way of teaching in schools needs to change. Teachers have been teaching students the same stuff for a long time. Everyday the world is becoming more advanced. As the world advances, so should the school system. If the school does not teach students up to date information, then they will start to become unprepared for the future of technology and other things. Taking notes and sitting at a desk all day is teaching of the past. Now with the aid of technology, classes should be more interactive and engaging. If teachers find new ways to keep students engaged and excited, then hopefully all students will learn and do well in school.

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